Your creative bones have felt dry for too long.

The words grow heavy, you contemplate writing but can't seem to remember your voice, the sentences get stuck in your throat like cemented regret. 

There is a story inside you — you know this because you feel it. You just need a way to get this story out of you before it busts you open. 

The weight of words can suffocate if you let it. I know because I've been there. The agony you feel right now? The one where you know you have a book inside you just don't know how to get it out? It feels like a monster clawing its way through your gut.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine this weight turning into an electric flutter of clarity in your veins. Imagine days filled with prolific familiarity with this story in your bones.

Welcome to kismet, my dear. This is the moment your succulent idea turns into reality on the page. 

Depth Effect is a 10 week story experience where we dive deep into what makes you shine as a writer. 

So much of writing is an excavation. These 10 weeks will show you how to bring the words up and out of your bones in a way that honors the depth you hold within you. 

After all, you contain multitudes. Wave after wave of sea depth rests in your veins. We just have to find it.


The Depth Effect

Why The Depth Effect? Pull out a piece of paper and write about what happened today. Make sure to only focus on surface level. 

Went to breakfast with the family, stopped by Target, took a nap, and went to class.

Anything can sound boring when you focus on the surface.

But when you focus on the deep — like the way your love felt pressed up against you as you both slept off the week from hell — things change. When you recognize the wells of insight already stored in the sinew of your bones, it doesn't matter what you write about — you'll be writing. And the words will feel on fire with Truth because they are coming from the place that doesn't care about rejection and perception. 

They're coming from you. 


Class begins August 5 and runs until October 11

Zoom meetings will be every Monday from 8pm-9pm CST*

Week One: Creativity as your Birthright

Week Two: Finding and Using your Voice 

Week Three:  Seasons of Compost (or the Burning Season)

Week Four: Developing Sacred Space (both within and without)

Week Five: Intuition and Creativity

Week Six:  Reckoning with the Wait (and the Silence)

Week Seven: Writing the Hard Thing

Week Eight: Inner Hospitality 

Week Nine: Rhythms and Ritual in Writing

Week Ten: Sharing your Work


*Meetings will be recorded and made available to listen to at your leisure the following week. After 14 days, the recording will be deleted.


What else is included:


When you sign up you'll receive: 

  • Built in support + priority availability

  • Exclusive emails + tutorials on creativity and writing that feeds your soul

  • Weekly classes and group coaching via Zoom

  • Writing prompts

  • Monthly Write ins where we harness what we're learning and share our words

  • Opportunity for discounted story coaching

  • Connection + Networking in our private lounge.



When I created this, I very much wanted it to be accessible to as many people as possible. I know there have been so many moments where I resonated with a course but the cost was so prohibitive I couldn't join. 

So you have three options — two payments of $47, one payment of $94, or $133 to add a session of 1x1 coaching. 

I would love to have you join us. 

Are you ready to dive deep?


About Elora


A few years ago, I combined everything that woke me up: story, teaching, and building community, and started offering my fist story coaching sessions. I ended up building something from the ground up that I really loved. It exceeded everything I ever imagined, and for the first time, I knew what it felt like to collide with your purpose.

I bring every bit of experience to Awake the Bones: my undergraduate degree in English, my ten years of teaching, my graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction, my fascination and need for art journaling, and the acknowledgement that spiritual formation plays a significant part in my story coaching.

I am not one for the sidelines. I get in the arena with you. I've written four books and am currently working on my fifth, a  memoir about the adoption process my husband and I have been going through for the past six years.

I've worked with over 400 women to help them tell their story well. I can't wait to start working with you.