If you write, it's almost inevitable that at some point an idea will lodge itself in your brain and it will seem as if nothing - not even a bout of memory loss - will make you forget. So you'll file it away in that do not forget box we have in our brains and a few days later you'll sit down to write about it and poof! it's gone.

What do we do about that?

All week long we've been working on finding a rhythm of life and listening to that voice we know leads us to words. Now, we learn how to capture it.

Laini Taylor, one of my favorite writers in all the land, keeps an idea notebook. I love this concept for so many reasons but mostly because it's simple output: find something you like, write it down. No thought development required, that comes later.

Activity ::

Grab a spare notebook you have on hand. Try to keep it with you at all times. If you come up with an idea or see something you like - anything - write it down. Even if it doesn't fit within what you're currently working on, write it down. See how much you find throughout the day. If you have time, maybe take a few minutes (seriously - all you need is a few minutes) to let your mind wander down a rabbit trail or two.

Before Saturday, simply leave a comment on our page about where this is taking you. If you haven't figured out anything - that's fine. Try to make a habit out of writing down ideas. Who knows - three weeks (or three years) later you may find you saw the connections all along.