Writing is a holistic effort and because of this, personal attention is necessary. But, this isn't coaching on how to write a book. Anyone can write a book by themselves. In fact, the only one who can write this story is you.

Coaching with Chapter Sessions is so much more. This is getting to know what makes you tic and what sets you apart from other writers. There's a reason why you're stuck. And if you aren't stuck, there will be moments in which the words feel trapped inside. Resistance goes deeper than a brick wall in your mind. It's about finding and using your strengths — your core genius — and getting that story out of your bones and into the world. 

We won't shy away from the grit, either. With my intuitive guidance, we'll cover the hard questions. I'll bring light to the fears begging you to stop.

This package is for the author who knows she can write a book but needs some encouragement — someone who can listen to the highs and lows and distinguish between the two, showing you the secret of what may be holding you back. We'll go through your words, chapter-by-chapter, to make sure they sing.

“My book wouldn’t exist without Elora’s coaching. She nudged me through the slow spots, shone light on the fear-darkness, and helped me lay solid ground work to make my book more than just words flung at the page. It’s a story, not paper and ink. And Elora helped me find it” — R.L. Haas


  • Complete one-on-one guidance through the duration of your first draft via weekly calls on Zoom. You’ll get the recording sent to you after we meet!

  • Developmental edits to make your book as pristine as possible before line editing.

  • VIP availability for those moments that have you wanting to pull out your hair or cry in the corner.

  • Notes from coaching sessions + action steps for your writing practice. 

  • Consultation on indie publishing. 

Interested? Fill out the form below and we'll talk soon. I can't wait to work with you. 

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