What story are you telling with your life and your words? Is it the same one you know you're meant to live?

We speak a lot about story these days, but never really get down to the root: all of us live a narrative full of characters and scenes. But sometimes, these stories get convoluted. Whether we forget the story pulsing in our bones or we begin to live as the main character in someone else's story, from time to time alignment is necessary. 

What if you could finally write that book without losing your mind with jealousy and frustration of others who've gone before you?
What if you were able to articulate precisely the story behind your business and why it means so much to you?
What if you were able to know, without a doubt, the next step you were supposed to take?

You can. It's all possible. In every moment, our stories weave a thread of recognition that's impossible to ignore. We feel the tug when we begin to ignore the pacing of our narrative. This is when you need the guidance of someone else, someone who can listen and speak your words back to you. There's something alchemic in hearing our story from someone else's lips, a reminder that maybe we aren't alone after all. 

That's story-coaching. Think of me as your creative midwife. Holding the mirror while you create and excavate the story you're meant to tell, I'll guide you through the process with intuition and care, reminding you to breathe the entire way.

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“I don’t have an older sister, but I imagine chatting on the phone with Elora would be just like that older sister—encouraging and happy to share her experience with a little swift nudge in the pants to get me off my rear! My coaching session with Elora was exactly the kind of encouragement I needed to return to my story in progress. She gave me some pragmatic advice on moving it forward as well as shared some of her experience with me. Both were an incredible resource.” — Misty Green

“As a new creative I can feel pretty intimidated when sharing my ideas and plans - especially with someone who is in my mind established. You don’t have to worry about this with Elora. Chatting with her is filled with ease and the conversation is gently guided with intuitive questions. You can process and ramble, and she’ll help you pick up which pieces really fit with what you are creating. In the span of an hour, Elora helped me take the bones of my book and point them in a direction I wouldn’t have considered without her guidance. At the end of the day, it’s rare to find another creative who genuinely wants to see your project succeed as much as you do, but Elora does, and will lend you all her expertise in order to aid your journey.” — Caity Battelle