My name is Elora Nicole, and I've been telling stories my whole life.

Somewhere along the way, I realized my love for story went deeper than most. For me, storytelling was more than just writing novels. I wanted to explore the relationship between knowing our story and having the confidence to speak it and move forward in life knowing our purpose. 

We can get caught on the term story. It's kitschy. It's popular. It's overused. 

But in its purest form, storytelling is one of the best currencies we have for human connection. 

So what will you find here? A love for peonies and a unabashed support of Beyoncé, among the most important. But also, a consistent pursuit of what it means to fully embrace your story and therefore, your purpose. I've split the blog into six categories — 

The Memoirs 

Scenes from the life of a #novelistwild remembering the slow burn of creativity. 

Creating a Business With Intention + Soul

Lessons I've learned (and mistakes I've made) from over two years as a creative entrepreneur. 

Reading Your Story 

How to find your purpose within the lines of your own narrative. 

Building Your Craft 

Handy writing tips and thoughts on the artistic process. 

Soul Care for the Creative

How to actively engage in the artistic process without losing yourself. 

Elora Reads

What's resonating with me via literature. 

Weekly Letter from the Creative Underground

Writing is more than articulation, it's allowing yourself the space to hear the truth that you have something to share. Letters from the Creative Underground is the fuel you need to remember the truth: you are a writer. You have a story. 

And we desperately need to hear it. 

Want More? Here's a List.

33 (More) Things About Me

1. I need coffee every day to function, but I consistently forget to press my coffee until it's been almost an hour

2. Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars are two of my favorite TV shows

3. Sunset cliffs is probably my favorite place in the world

4. I am married to an incredible man who loves to cook. In fact, he's a chef. This is brilliant because I hate cooking for myself. 

5. Cherry coke Icees can be an achilles heel for my inner hippie

6. There was a stretch of about ten years where I thought I would make a living as a band director or some type of choir instructor

7. I used to practice songs from Grease and lines from Footloose in the bathroom mirror

8. I grew up spending my summers in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho riding bareback and running cattle with my great-grandpa Joe 

9. The book I believe everyone should go out and read right now is East of Eden

10. I love the Fast and the Furious franchise

11. Poetry slows me down in the best way. Rilke is among my favorite. Rumi falls close behind. Mary Oliver rounds out my poetic trinity

12. My husband and I are the parents to a magical little lion man.

13. Brian Andreas, founder and creator of Story People, once told me that he gets ideas by listening for the whisper of a beginning. I've never forgotten this and often remember when a new story plants itself in my bones. 

14. I used to think I wasn't an artist. 

15. My best friend and I met by her walking up to me and giving me a hug at church. My other best friend and I met when I walked out of my room one morning and she was making pancakes in my kitchen. 

16. Russ and I were surrogate parents to an 18 year old boy when we were in our twenties. It was both beautiful and crazy. 

17. We went to Africa with ten teenagers. This was also beautiful and crazy. 

18. I do not like To Kill a Mockingbird. 

19. I taught for almost ten years. I loved the kids and hated the politics. 

20. I was a cheerleader for six years and captain of the varsity squad junior and senior year. I could rock a toe-touch until I was 20. Instantaneously my legs just wouldn't move in that direction.

21. One time, I met a Flora in college. I thought her letter jacket said Elora on the back and I straight up had an identity crisis there in the cafeteria because no one else was supposed to have my name, dammit. I got over this. 

22. One of the scariest movies I ever saw was Joyride with Paul Walker (#rip). To this day I can't hear the name Candy Cane without involuntarily gagging and wanting my mom.

23. I have two sisters and one brother. I am the oldest. All of us write. I'm pretty sure my brother could be the next Macklemore.

24. My Core Desired Feelings are Soul, Rooted, Wild, and Alchemic.

25. Writing a memoir is the scariest thing I've ever done in my entire life....and I've almost been eaten by a bear.

26. To this day the only people who believe my #25 are my two sisters who were in the tent with me when it happened.

27. I didn't know I had rhythm until friends at college wrote DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT on my car windows on the last day of school. The night before, they hosted soul train for our floor and gave me the nickname inside out Oreo when I started copying the moves I saw Julia Stiles do in Save the Last Dance. (My dad asked what the phrase meant and I told him we played a game of hot potato)

28. I need absolute quiet in order to write.

29. I'm still figuring out who I want to be when I grow up, and I think this is okay. 

30. I'm kind of obsessed with lipstick and nail color. 

31. I'm an Empath and HSP, so basically every episode of Scandal makes me weep big fat ugly tears and I need a dungeon of my own in order to recover.

32. One time, in an attempt to raise money for a fundraiser, I rapped the entirety of Gangsta's Paradise to multiple classrooms. I raised 80 bucks. I'm still thankful this was before phones had video.

33. I gave my first kiss to a skater who loved Kurt Cobain, learned how to flirt from a quarterback, fell in love with his best friend who was the linebacker, thought I had feelings for my gay friend who loved Jason Mraz, and ended up head over heels for a guitar player chef who takes my breath away daily.