review: adopt without debt.

If you've been reading this blog since the beginning, you know one of the biggest hurdles we faced in the very beginning was finances. Who am I kidding - it's still a hurdle. But, we have found out that when God calls you to do something, it doesn't mean you're able. Usually, it something seemingly impossible - that's how He works, right? A couple weeks ago, Julie Gumm offered me a chance to read her new book, Adopt Without Debt. Given the cost of adoption from Ethiopia as well as the fundraising Russ and I are about to jump into, I couldn't wait to read what she had to say. I mean, we need all the help we can get.

Perhaps the most useful information presented in her book was the overwhelming amount of organizations providing grants for adoptive families. It doesn't matter the method you're using or from where you're adopting - there's a grant for you. For instance, if you live in NW Arkansas, the Titus Foundation offers grants for adoptive families. I had no clue there were such specific grants available. I plan on taking full advantage of these organizations throughout the process.

Another great resource within the book are the stories of other adoptive families - the creative ways in which they pursued their child. From karaoke nights to benefit dinners to garage sales - the ideas of fundraising run the gamut.

Most of all though, this book was so encouraging. Sometimes, I look at the debt we face because of student loans and living on one paycheck and wonder if it will ever go away. Reading Gumm's story reminded me that is possible. Even more, living in debt isn't biblical. Hearing this convicted me to fight to live as debt free as possible and work to lighten the debt we already carry. And honestly? There should be some sacrifices involved. Because when it comes down to it, what's more important: the dress on the rack or the cup of coffee {ouch} or our baby coming home?

The answer's pretty obvious.

What is the most creative fundraiser you've heard about in adoption circles? If you are adopting, how do you plan to raise money?

Posted on May 5, 2011 and filed under Fundraising.