there's been a few changes in the ramirez family lately, and it's why i haven't updated in awhile. but...these changes are good changes and God changes - things we never would have considered had He not taken us through these past few months. all this to say, hang tight. there's some redesign coming up in the next few weeks and we'll be repurposing this site to better fit our story.

you know, it was a just about a year ago that God began working in my heart toward adoption. seeing how He's moved and poked and prodded these past few months is humbling and reveals to me His goodness. one of my best friends said it best the other day: He absolutely is fighting for the adoption of our hearts in Him. and over the next week, i hope to share with you exactly how russ & i got to this place...

slowly & surely we're understanding the power of His love and the pull of His heart toward His children.


you can still be a part of our adoption journey! we are five hundred dollars short of our goal right now. you can join us in our pursuit of baby ramirez by donating here - any amount helps. 

Posted on July 31, 2011 and filed under Adoption.