a different kind of redeeming.

a week before my birthday, russ and i contacted our agency and let them know we were planning on switching to domestic. they were understanding and let us know they would pass on our information to the domestic adoption board who met and went over family profiles before placing them in the program. but. i was told "not to be surprised if we weren't accepted - especially if there was an overwhelming number of caucasian couples already enlisted in the program."


i didn't really think anything of it, but a few days later we received notice that we were not accepted. back to square one. we started researching agencies in the area and found dead-ends in almost every case. fighting faith, i let go and began praying for God to lead us.

the day before my birthday, russ & i were in the car and i felt an overwhelming pull to pray for some friends going through the domestic adoption process. they'd gone through some rough spots and i just really, really wanted them to find placement. so i prayed. and more than anything, i knew that's what i wanted for my birthday: for them to be placed.

my birthday came and went, and i fought a lot of self-worth issues. birthdays haven't always been the highlight of my year, and secretly i thought the redeeming of my birthday would come in some magical party with lots of friends and me being the center of attention. {which, let's be honest...i really hate being the center of attention} so i think in a small way {and fighting complete selfishness}, i was disappointed in the way my birthday looked - i mean, i even had to work. {i know, sob story.}

needless to say, i woke up the next morning a little more logical and thankful for how my friends celebrated me. {i really do have the best friends in the world} AND...in the middle of my work day, i got an e-mail from the friend i prayed for earlier in the week. there's a possibility of a baby...the e-mail said...and my heart seriously jumped out of my chest. i texted her immediately and asked when she found out, and she told me the week prior - they had just decided to pursue this match.

i texted her and told her i was moved and thankful and full of praise because this was the only thing i wanted for my birthday.

and i was giddy and incredulous and just flat-stupified that my prayer had not only been answered, but that it was answered before i even uttered a word.

that week was rough. as it usually is with domestic infant adoptions, there were a few moments where we were unsure whether or not our dear friends would come home with a child. we prayed, we fasted, we cried and prayed some more. before we knew it, the tide shifted and pictures were posted on facebook of a beautiful baby girl - she was coming home.

never before had i seen such intricate parallels between our own adoption in Christ and an adoption of a sweet, precious child.

to think before the beginning of time her placement was chosen and hand-crafted by One who set the earth in motion is humbling and beautiful. just like it is with you and me - just like our hearts are woven into His before we even know of His love.

and this isn't even the end of the story.

the day before my friends came home, the mom called me. we talked of the past few days and how God moved on their behalf. we talked of new baby smell, the heartache and joy of adoption, and how i couldn't wait to see the fro this girl was already rockin'.

then my friend's voice got quiet and she said, "elora - i really wanted to call you to let you know how much it meant to me that you prayed for us to get placed. when i got that text from you i let my sister know because...well...our daughter was born on your birthday."

my birthday.

there are still no words to accurately describe my feeling in that moment.

suddenly, i remembered sitting in the hot car with the afternoon sun beating down on my arm. i remembered praying God...please...i just want them to have a baby...

and then i remembered turning and telling russ and us laughing and secretly wishing it would really happen. i had no idea. i had no idea they'd already been contacted about a possible match. i had no idea the very next day...on my birthday...a beautiful baby girl would be born and placed with her forever family who waited and prayed for her.

once again, the theme of redemption echoes itself across our life - nothing is left untouched by His hand.

even my birthday.

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