a thank you {and a mini-giveaway}

since we started the just love coffee fundraiser, fifteen orders have come in to help raise money for baby ramirez. 

basically, you guys are awesome. 

BUT. that's not the biggest news.

because you can't ever have too much fun, and erin and i like to think of ridiculous ideas together, we've decided to raise the stakes.

from now {as in 12:45pm CST on friday, january 27} until midnight on january 31, anyone who has ordered or WILL order is automatically entered into a drawing for a free dinner cooked by my fabulous chef of a husband.

...no really. he's a chef.

he'll come over to your house, make an amazing meal and even give you some pointers if you're so inclined and want to learn a little more about french cookery.

and if you're not local, have no fear. you'll still be entered into the drawing to win two of our favorite books in all the land. 

so let's recap:

1. buy coffee from both of our shops {Reichman Coffee Shop, Ramirez Coffee Shop}

2. be entered to win a free dinner cooked by an awesome chef OR some of our favorite books {drawing week of feb.3}


be entered to win free coffee for a year. {drawing week of feb.15}



we're practically throwing stuff at you here.

so now you know. buy coffee get food. buy coffee get more coffee. buy coffee we raise money for our adoption.

it's a win-win-win.

Posted on January 26, 2012 and filed under Fundraising.