a non-update update

i'll be honest :: i haven't posted anything because to update would mean to remind myself of the grinding halt of the adoption process. we're still waiting on a few small pieces of our home study - namely our TB tests. because of our schedule, it's difficult finding time to make our way to the clinic to do this. other than this small prick of skin, nothing is holding us back - well. except for money.

we've come to that place every couple adopting seems to find themselves at least once during their process - the brick wall of funding. adoption isn't cheap, and there aren't any payment plans set up by agencies. it's usually pay-as-you-go and if you don't have the money well...you stop.

some days i handle this better than others. most days i remember this is all in His timing anyway, so none of this surprises Him.

but there are other days where the wait is harder to swallow.

for reasons i can't go into here, there are so many things hinging on time and funding over these next few months. we're finding ourselves at an impasse not just with our adoption, but with every single decision we're facing. this wears the patience thin.

like...wafer thin.

couple that with the growing desire to hold my baby in my arms and you have the formula for a highly-emotional woman.

so this is our non-update update. we're sitting a little stagnant right now and if you are the praying type, more than anything we'd love your prayers sent on our behalf.

Posted on March 28, 2012 and filed under Mom-Heart, The Process.