in which we ask for help

this past month has been...hectic. shoot. these past six months have been crazy. turn in our application, start homestudy interviews, face a stalemate with our social worker's illness.

get our home visit completed while struggling through chills and 100+ fever....

then, we battled the what-have-yous for the next few weeks while we juggled paperwork and small, idiosyncratic pieces of information to complete our file for our agency.

to top it off, a month ago our case worker tell us she has moms waiting which led to us {finally} submitting everything for review. if you've forgotten, we heard back less than two days later :: we were approved.

which brings us to today.

april 16, we had 5200 dollars due.

we didn't have it.

{we still don't}

but here's the thing :: nothing has changed. i believe He still finishes what He starts. if there's one thing i've come to understand through this process it's that His timing is impeccable. 

last week, our agency called and set us up for monthly payments. this is both good and not-so-good. good, because now our amount we're responsible for isn't as overwhelming as a chunk of cash when we cross a certain line in the process. {especially since we're already behind and the placement can happen at any moment}. but...since we're on a payment plan, this will lengthen the process for after the placement - when we have a kid and are waiting on the court to process papers.

usually, this takes about six months. with monthly payments, if we don't get a head start or find a wad of cash to pay off a chunk of the bill, this process could take up to a year.

so we're asking for help. we've been scrimping and saving and trying to figure out what we can do to squeeze every cent out of what we already make...but still, the 960 dollar a month payment is pretty large.

would you consider joining us? check out our puzzle fundraiser here. we bought a 1500 piece puzzle and for every piece "purchased" we'll find ourselves closer to the goal. the best part? we'll get to write your name on the back of the puzzle - a way for us to remember who gave and joined us in this process. even better :: baby ramirez will see it as well. if you just want to donate, check out the "join us" button on the right side of the blog.

and if you can't join us through donating, pray? pray for the birth mom. pray for our baby. pray for us.

together, we'll witness God do an amazing thing in bringing baby ramirez home.

Posted on May 15, 2012 and filed under Fundraising.