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letter to you: telling the family.

dear little one, we told the family about you today.

i have to admit - i was a little nervous. not because i didn't think everyone would be excited. i knew they'd be thrilled with the news of tiny fingers soon grabbing at every thing within reach. oh and they were besides themselves with joy. both my mom & papa's mom put their shirt on immediately -all smiles. no...i wasn't nervous about them wanting you. i was nervous because of the wait.

sweet one, there are some days i can almost sense you - i know you're out there. other days it feels as though we'll never get to hold you in our arms. telling the family and answering questions about the wait made it seem that much longer. we did it, though and it was so beautiful. more and more, we are aware of how God is bringing us to you. he truly knows. and even though it seems as though this whole process will take longer than we want, we'll wait and we'll pray.

one day i'll get to touch your beautiful face - one day i'll see just how perfect you are for our family. almost as if God handpicked you for us. and then i'll be reminded...

you were.

until then, we'll wait. your aunt rhonda will more than likely paint you a picture or two. aunt christina & aunt blanche are already talking about throwing a party in your honor. your older brother devonte keeps talking about how he's going to teach you all about style. i have no doubt this is true.

we love you, precious.

- mama & papa

Posted on December 27, 2010 and filed under Family, Letters.